Blueport Software Limited is a contemporary full service Information and Communications Technology consultancy firm in Africa, which specializes in providing creative solutions in digital information management. We create, design, implement and maintain software to increase efficiency and productivity in all sectors of the economy. In combination with other technological systems we build quality customized web-based and mobile applications for large, medium and small-scale organizations with the aim to expand their ability to interact directly with potential customers.
Digitization of Records
At Blueport we convert conventional records into digital records stored in a centralized database. We also provide software that analyzes these records to help make informed business decisions.
Web Application design and creation
We create software applications that run on the Internet. Using a centralized database and software in the cloud, we enable an organizations data to be accessible from any location and on various devices.
Mobile Applications
We build software for the two largest mobile platforms in the world Android and iOS (iPhone). We create software solutions for customer/client interactions that ensure smooth and remote business interactions.
Marketing website design and creation
Blueport creates interactive marketing websites that bring awareness of products and services, by creating a location on the Internet where interested parties can find more information about the products/services of organizations.
We create digital storefronts as well as integrate payment gateways into existing and brand new online-stores to enable organizations collect credit and debit card payments over the Internet.
API integrations (Machine talking to Machine)
We build custom software that integrates with existing internet based applications, that provide a customized ability to access and manipulate these digital records as well as pass information between one digital system to another.
Gathering requirements and Architecting software systems
Blueport works with organizations assess and evaluate areas of workflow that can be enhanced using software and build a requirements document in order to guide software developers in creating software that will optimize workflows within the organization.
Training Personnel in our ICT solutions
After providing a software solution, we will also train personnel so they can adequately leverage the new systems to ensure an efficient work place. We help organizations that want to develop new skills and expertise in ICT to achieve their goal.

Blueport Software Limited has virtual offices in the following locations:
  • 21 Hillcrest Garden Estate, Abuja, Nigeria
  • 2120 El Paseo Street, Houston, Texas, 77054, USA
Phone: +(234) 81-3300-3258

Blueport Software Limited is focused on increasing the standard of living in Africa by using Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems to bring business and customers to a new level of interactivity.
With over a decade of experience building web applications, we have created solutions for large organizations as well as small and medium scale companies (SMEs) around the world. We work closely with our clients towards a prompt delivery, by balancing the provision of pragmatic and effective solutions with business requirements.

In providing solutions we follow the LEAN methodology of software development, which involves:
  1. Eliminate waste: We make sure the solution that is being built is serving the exact needs of our client and with no superfluous features or processes being added.
  2. Amplify learning: We have short sprints and continually engage our clients in all stages of the process of solution creation.
  3. Decide as late as possible: We learn and iterate on solutions quickly so that we can decide on the correct route to take in solving the problem.
  4. Deliver as fast as possible: We will deliver error free solutions in the shortest amount of time possible.
  5. Empower the team: Within our organization, solutions for clients are be created by the most expert person on our team for a given tool or domain.
  6. Build integrity in: All solutions we provide are quality tested to ensure that all the moving parts of a solution work both individually and seamlessly together.
  7. See the whole: We ensure that the components of the solutions provided are fluid and intuitive to use collectively.
At Blueport Software Limited we use a suite of technology to digitize records and create software solutions using the following languages:
PHP, Ruby, Python, Swift, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS.
We also use the following frameworks:
CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, node.js

Quality Management

Our Quality management system emphasizes customer satisfaction through set objectives, management programs, organizational structure and the provision of adequate operational control procedures, measurement and checking systems. Our management review processes ensures that there is continual improvement in our service delivery to customers.

Consequently Blueport Software Limited puts customer satisfaction as its utmost priority. Upon providing a software solution we train the client personnel in using the software to guarantee adoption and sustainability. We will also ensure that the systems put in place are working to the customers satisfaction and we provide support services if needed.

Partner Company
Advantage Integrated Solutions - (Scott Wyatt, CEO)
1550 Larimer Street #638, Denver, Colorado 80202

Below is a list of associates of Blueport Software Limited.
  • Adim Ofunne (Chief Executive Officer) - B.Eng in Software Engineering (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Alex O'Reilly (Associate) - B.Sc in Computer Science and MBA (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Yinka Williams (Associate) - B.Eng in Computer Engineering and Ms.Eng in Software Engineering (Rochester Institute of Technology)